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 WE-CARE is in Alcester at the Union County Fair 7/27-7/30! 

Come see what the amazing young people in your community are doing in 4-H and FFA and know how bright the future will be if we don’t let industrial wind blow them away!

Our board members and volunteers will be on site daily (times vary) in the commercial exhibit building to answer questions about what industrial wind development in our community will do to the economy, growth and way of life in towns like Alcester, Beresford, Elk Point and even Nora. Our mission is to deliver information the wind developers won’t share about how their terrible idea can ruin  your health, safety, and your property values.  Research shows that an industrial wind zone (face it—it’s NOT a farm!) anywhere in Union county will affect the economy of every town and farm in the county.

The profiteers who promote these projects are not working to save the planet, they are working to get rich on the perpetual federal taxes breaks and subsidies.  Learn the other side of the story—Get Informed.  Get Involved.  If you wait, it may be too late.


WE-CARE was pleased to present “Wind Farm Impacts on Residential Property Values” by Michael S. McCann, Certified Appraiser.  McCann is a nationally recognized expert on property values in industrial wind zones.  He has conducted studies and testified in more than 20 states on the impact wind farms have on the property and livesof residents and neighbors of commercial wind farms.

Mr. McCann spoke at
town hall meetings at Canton HS Commons at 7pm on Monday 8/3 and at the Bridges at Beresford at 7pm on 8/4 (same presentation both nights).

If you live or own property within 10 miles of the proposed windfarm this is a “must see” presentation.  The Beresford meeting was recorded and can be viewed by contacting WE-CARE at the email address in the left column of this page.  Admission was free (thanks to the contributions of our neighbors in Lincoln and Union County).

Read the Article in the Akron Hometowner on his presentation

Click on the links below to read some of his information.

Property Value Summary
Wind Turbines Blow Down Property Value
Properties Value Article
Wind turbines adversely and measurably impact property value
McCann Prairie Wind excerpt
An Appraiser's Perspective on Property Values
Wind Turbines should not be near homes
Here Come the Lawsuits
Expert insight to wind farm questions
Noise and Property value factor
Get informed about wind power

WE-CAREsd held a public forum on July 21, 2014 in the Canton High School Commons with guest speaker, Dan Schleck.

Property Value

In case of bankruptcy, who takes down the turbines?

Lease Issues

Job Creation

Health Impact

Foreign Owners

Effect on Roads

County Tax


Please call the County Commissioners and tell them if the setback is only 3/4 mile, you want setbacks measured from the property line!****.

Come see us at our booth at Wheels & Squeals in Beresford all day on Saturday 6/11.

Get a yard sign and buy some raffle tickets.  We are on Rib Vendor Row near the carnival and the car show.  

Hope to see you there!


We Care board Members and Volunteers  were on hand and answering questions at the Canton Jubilee and the Car Show last weekend.    Thanks to all our new friends who stopped to learn more about the impact 300 square miles of industrial wind towers would have in our area! 

Protecting our Rural heritage.

A gigantic industrial wind zone proposal has been expanded to include almost all of Lincoln county. 

Please comeWednesday, April 13th 5-8pm for a Community Impact Night at the Tea Pizza Ranch to get information (a portion of the dine-in proceeds benefit our non-profit).


Come Thursday, April 14 7pm for a movie and form at the Tea Community Hall.


                        WE CARE RAFFLE WINNERS ANNOUNCED

The drawing for the following prizes was conducted at Newton Hills State Park on LaborDay

Meat Bundle from the Canton Locker ($300 value)
                Winner - Laurie Karlsen

Handmade Quilt
                     donated by Darly Evanson, Hudson ($150 value)          
                Winner - Peggy Beard

Handmade Memory Trunk 
                      donated by Paul Aslesen, Canton ($100 value)             Winner - Kacee Gaughenbaugh

SD State Park Gift Cards – Newton Hills ($100 value)
                Winner - Gerrit Vandentop

WE-CARE thanks our friends and neighbors who purchased raffle tickets over the summer.  The funds raised will be used to help our communities understand and make informed decisions about whether large-scale industrial wind development is right for the future of Lincoln County

Get informed.  Get Involved. Tell your County Officials where you stand.  Do it now.

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Hotline 605-743-4246

Wind Energy Concerns About Rural Environment WE-CARE is a 501(c )(4)Non-profit

We-Care has been asked to be in the Hudson Alumni Parade today in Hudson at 2pm 9/10/16.  We will be sharing information (and candy)  along the parade route and will be giving out yard signs to anyone who needs one.     Come see us, it’s a beautiful day for a parade!