On 11/22 the county commission took action on four important recommendations for improved industrial wind ordinances in Lincoln County and one general change not related to wind energy.

Hundreds of you were able to join WE-CARE for the public hearing.  At the hearing our elected commissioners adopted 3 of the 5 changes as recommended by our Planning Commission

1.         The commission recommended a change to allow warehousing activities in Commercial districts.

 2.        The commission recommended a change to prohibit commercial wind towers in districts zoned                          Recreational Use.

3.          The commission recommended a change to the commercial wind ordinance to limit shadow flicker on
              dwellings to 30 hours per year.

 After hearing testimony late into the night  in favor of the Planning commissions recommended setback and sound limits our elected county commission voted 3 to1 to change setbacks and noise levels a follows:

 4.        The commission amended the proposed setback ordinance to be 3/4 mile from any dwelling.

 5          The noise levels for wind turbines may not exceed 45Ba at night, and 50 dBa during the day.

 As required by state law, there will be another hearing on the setback and noise ordinance changes.  A 3rd Public Hearing has been scheduled for Tuesday December 27, 2016 7pm at the county courthouse.

Please stay informed.  Please stay involved.  Please come to the hearing@  The future of our county depends on you!

Your friends and Neighbors at WE-CARE

Opinion: Lets talk about Money and Wind Farms 

Owners of Minnesota Wind Farms file for Bankruptcy

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Lessons from Abroad?
A look into what is happening in other countries as they push to expand their renewable energy production. This article is worth reading more than once.

Wind Farm Called Giant Pain in the Neck

​Neighbors sue a wind farm constructed in 2011 in Albany, NY for numerous complaints.

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Texas Wind Company sued over noise, health concerns
This is an article on 23 residents in Texas that are suing a wind company. It looks like the wind farm was completed in 2012 so it is very new - not "old technology".

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Cherry County Commission Recommends Passing on Proposed Wind Farm

By Tammy Bain / World-Herald News Service (Omaha)
Updated Jul 22, 2016

After meeting into the wee hours Wednesday morning, the Cherry County Planning Commission recommended against approving a conditional use
permit for a potential wind farm in the county.

Opponents protested the wind farm before the meeting Tuesday, at which Commission Chairman George Johnson resigned, said Joel Mundorf, the county’s zoning administrator. Johnson had planned to recuse himself from the vote because his son is involved with the company seeking the conditional use permit, said County Attorney Eric Scott.

Because more than 200 people showed up at the courthouse for the meeting, it was moved to Valentine High School. Mundorf and others said the meeting went until about 2 a.m. Many people spoke for and against the wind farm; Mundorf said most spoke in opposition.

Cherry County resident Carolyn Semin heads a group that is fighting the proposed wind farm. Though early reports said the site was dry land where there would be little loss to habitat, Semin has documented an eagle’s nest, Sandhill crane migrations and goose nests. She has also reported wetlands near the area. Bob Harms, a biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, has corroborated Semin’s reports, saying the service is also alarmed at the thought of a wind farm. Opponents fear damage to the Sandhills’ environment as well as its scenery.

The proposed wind farm would have 30 windmills, each more than 300 feet tall. The farm would take up several thousand acres of the Sandhills, Mundorf said.

Bluestem Sandhills, LLC, has not returned phone calls from the Telegraph seeking comment.

Letcher Township establishes one-mile wind tower setback

Mitchell Daily Republic
By Evan Hendershot on Jun 9, 2016 at 10:30 a.m.

LETCHER—Letcher Township residents are hoping a recent turbine proposal in their town will be gone with the wind.

The township's Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance to establish substantial setbacks for wind towers, as part of a united front against a nine- to 11-turbine project being considered in the area.  The three supervisors approved the ordinance at the Letcher Community Center on Wednesday night.

 The township adopted an ordinance to establish a 1-mile setback for any turbine larger than 75 feet tall. Under the approved ordinance, no large wind energy system could be built within 5,280 feet of the nearest residence of a non-participating homeowner, or within 1,500 feet of the nearest neighbor's property line.


E-mail each of our county commissioners today and tell them to require Safe Wind Turbine Noise Limits and demand that they enforce the limit at the property line!
Alabama Wind Farm Project Dead, Leases with Land Owners Terminated
Who says opponents to wind farms never win?  Legislation including changes to setback lines prevented an Alabama wind farm from being constructed.  Alabama is the first state to make significant changes to protect residents from the effects of wind turbines.

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Protecting our Rural heritage.

filed:  October 19, 2016 • South Dakota
Deuel County says no to Bitter Root project  
Credit:  By The Public Opinion News Staff | October 18, 2016 | ~~

The Deuel County Zoning Board narrowly denied an application by Flying Cow Wind, LCC, to build a wind farm near Lake Cochrane.

The Bitter Root Wind Farm would have put up to 14 wind turbines on agricultural land on the eastern edge of the county near the Minnesota border. Plans for the project, first announced last month, drew immediate and strong opposition.

“You can be pro-wind power or anti-wind power,” said Jim Elkholm, past president of the Lake Cochrane Improvement Association, “but the fact is wind turbines just don’t belong here. This is one of the most pristine recreation areas in eastern South Dakota.”

Plans for the wind farm were announced in September, but the swift opposition forced the zoning board to table the permit application during its meeting on Sept. 15, giving both sides more time to present their cases.

After about three hours of discussion Monday night, a vote was finally taken Two board members voted to approve the wind farm application and two voted to deny it. One member abstained because of a potential conflict of interest. The tie vote meant the application would not be approved.

“We felt justice was served,” Elkholm said.