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Our Goal:
​WE-CARE is actively working to prevent the unsafe and inappropriate siting,  construction and operation of industrial wind towers too near to homes , farms, schools,  parks and churches in Lincoln and Union Counties. Dakota Power Community Wind has proposed an industrial wind zone in southern Lincoln and northern Union counties, consisting of 500 wind turbines ranging in height from 450-520 feet. The footprint of the proposal covers nearly 200 square miles with up to six 45-story towers per section. WE-CARE and a large majority of footprint residents oppose this project as an unsafe and inappropriate use of lands and federal tax subsidies that will deliver the power generated to other states.

WE-CARE... Our Story

Who we are:
​We are a coalition of volunteer landowners in southern Lincoln County known as WE-CARE, a non-profit 501(c)(4) corporation dedicated to preserving our rural environment.   
​ WE-CARE is a community organization of local residents whose mission is to provide information and facts so that each individual can make an informed decision about the proposed project.

​ WE-CARE has not taken any donations from any outside interest. We are all volunteers who work at the request of our community. WE-CARE is funded entirely by contributions of those people we call friends an neighbors.
Please contact your elected officials and tell them how you feel about the proposed wind project. To find contact information, visit the “Contact Representatives” page on this site.

We are not opposed to renewable energy, We support truly sustainable technologies and reject the placement of turbines too close to homes, farms, parks, and families.

Protecting our Rural heritage.

Wind Energy - Concerns About Rural Environment

How you can participate:
Talk with your friends and neighbors about the negative effects of wind towers in our area, including health concerns, property values, environmental impact to land, animal husbandry operations, wildlife, and inadequate protection for the rights of the contracting landowner. Attend meetings regarding wind turbines. Volunteer to do research, make contacts via phone and email, hand out fliers, help with mailings. Write letters to the editors of local newspapers. Donate financial assistance toward expenses incurred in this effort. Talk to your elected representatives at the local, state and national levels.